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China’s Autonomous Vehicle Regulation: Safety Operators and In-Car Recordings


  • China’s recently updated autonomous vehicle regulations now require in-car safety operators at all times during test drives.
  • These regulations have come into effect in response to the evolving autonomous technologies and the aim to increase safety measures.
  • Additionally, in-car recording devices are also required, which will record both inside and outside the vehicle during operations.
  • The objective behind implementing and enforcing these regulations is to ensure an increased accountability of companies, and to improve data accuracy in event of any accidents or mishaps.


China, in a move to increase the safety of autonomous vehicles, has updated its regulations in regard to these vehicles. The new regulations now demand that during test drives, a safety operator should always be present in the car. This is a considerable change from previous times when the presence of a safety operator was not mandatory.

Along with the safety operator condition, autonomous vehicles are also required to have in-car recording devices. These recording devices will record the activities both inside and outside the car whenever the vehicle is in operation.

These regulations have been enforced keeping in mind the safety measures to be enhanced with the evolving autonomous technologies. Another aim is to increase the accountability of the companies involved in autonomous vehicle production and operation and to collect accurate data for any mishaps that may occur during operations.

Personal Opinions

Investing in safety is a crucial aspect for any technology, especially ones as groundbreaking and impactful as autonomous vehicles. China’s new, stricter autonomous vehicle regulations strike a balance between technological innovation and public safety, while also increasing accountability for the companies involved. The requirement for in-car safety operators and recording devices may seem initially obstructive for testers, but their importance cannot be overstated when factoring in the larger picture of autonomous vehicle development.

I’m curious though: do you perceive this step as progressive towards balancing safety with innovation, or could it potentially dampen the efforts of car manufacturers and tech firms in the autonomous industry?


Source: TechCrunch

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