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China’s WeRide Tests Autonomous Buses in Singapore: Accelerating Global Ambitions


  • Chinese autonomous vehicle start-up WeRide is testing self-driving buses in Singapore.
  • The move is part of WeRide’s ambition to expand its operations globally.
  • WeRide has garnered significant expertise in self-driving vehicles, with tests conducted across different cities and vehicle types in China.
  • The tests in Singapore mark a key expansion of WeRide’s global outreach, following successful testing in Guiyang and Guangzhou.
  • WeRide’s expansion and technological advancement potentially brings us one step closer to a future where self-driving public transportation is common.


Chinese autonomous driving start-up WeRide is taking a huge step in its global expansion plans with trial runs of its self-driving buses in the smart city of Singapore. Already experienced in the autonomous vehicle sector through extensive tests in its home country, this move is part of their plan to broaden their influence and become a global leader in autonomous technology.

Having honed their technology across a diverse range of vehicle types and cities in China – including robotaxis in Guangzhou and minibuses in Guiyang – WeRide has built an impressive foundation of expertise. The Singapore trials herald an exciting phase of growth and global outreach for the company, demonstrating its capability to export its technology beyond China’s borders.


By accelerating the development and testing of autonomous public transportation, WeRide is moving us towards a future where self-driving vehicles are not just a fascination, but a common sight. As technology continues to advance and global expansion becomes the focus of companies worldwide, one can’t help but be excited about the impact these strides will make on our daily lives. At the same time, it raises important questions: Are our cities ready for this technological leap, and how will this affect employment in the transport sector?


Source: TechCrunch

Personal opinions:

It’s fascinating to see autonomous technology making leaps and bounds, and companies like WeRide are on the front line. The move to begin test runs in Singapore represents not just a huge step for them, but a glimpse into a future where self-driving vehicles are as common as any other. However, with this inevitable future looming, it does raise serious concerns about job security within the transportation industry. Our society will need to shift to accommodate such changes. What’s your take? Is the fast-paced development of autonomous vehicles a exciting prospect or a path fraught with complexities?

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