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“Former Tesla Exec Headlines Ford’s Affordable EV Skunkworks Project”


  • Former Tesla executive Darren Palmer has been hired by Ford to head a secretive project focused on developing a more affordable electric vehicle (EV).
  • The initiative is known as a “skunkworks” project, a term for an innovative or experimental department within a company that works autonomously on advanced projects.
  • While details about the project are still under wraps, the major aim is to create a low-cost EV that can compete with Tesla and other manufacturers on price and performance.
  • This move is seen as part of Ford’s broader strategy to challenge Tesla’s dominance in the burgeoning EV market.

Article Summary:

In a significant lateral hiring move, Ford Motor Co. has brought onboard former Tesla executive Darren Palmer to spearhead its latest initiative—a “skunkworks” project aimed at developing a low-cost electric vehicle. Details about the project remain discreet, but the primary objective is clear: to construct an EV that can match or surpass existing offerings from competitors like Tesla, but at a more accessible price point. This news underscores Ford’s aggressive push into the ever-growing electric vehicle market, currently dominated by Palmer’s former employer, Tesla.

Personal Opinions:

Ford’s decision to bring Palmer over from Tesla represents a potentially seismic shift for the EV industry. In Palmer, Ford has not only secured a veteran with vast knowledge of the EV space, but it also signifies the company’s determination to challenge the market’s current king—Tesla. However, the route to making EVs affordable for all is riddled with obstacles, the most formidable being the high costs of batteries. Will Palmer’s expertise and Ford’s manufacturing prowess be enough to overcome these challenges? Only time will reveal.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Ford, under Palmer’s leadership, stands a chance against Tesla in the EV race?


Source: TechCrunch

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