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Xiaomi’s First EV: The Ultimate ‘Smartphone on Wheels’ Experience


– Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unveiled its debut electric vehicle (EV), presenting an innovative approach to create a “smartphone on wheels.”
– The Xiaomi SU7 is designed to carry a new version of MIUI, the company’s proprietary operating system.
– Xiaomi aims to integrate daily life activities like communication, work, and entertainment into this new automotive endeavor.
– The EV features a user-friendly interface and a minimalist aesthetic that echoes Xiaomi’s smartphone products.


Xiaomi, traditionally renowned for its consumer electronics, has jumped into the burgeoning EV market with this unique and tech-friendly approach. The Xiaomi SU7, their newly revealed EV, is their foray into this rapidly growing global arena. This EV is not just another electric car but attempts to integrate our day-to-day lives within its framework, akin to a ‘smartphone on wheels’.

Key to this novelty is Xiaomi’s proprietary operating system, MIUI, forged anew to suit the automotive environment. This spans across multiple screens within the SU7, bringing forth a seamless and intuitive user experience, from navigation, entertainment, to general communications.

This endeavor by Xiaomi stands to revolutionize our travel experience, reimagining it as not just a means to get from A to B, but as an extension of our digital lives. The Xiaomi SU7, an automobile that bears the ethos of the smartphone it derives inspiration from, stands testament to the fusion of technology and transportation.


This intriguing reveal from Xiaomi signifies a curious blend of technological evolution and lifestyle design. By creating a ‘smartphone on wheels,’ Xiaomi not only pays tribute to their roots in electronics but also sets the stage for future automobile paradigms.

While the integration of lifestyle activities within a vehicle opens up vast possibilities, it also underlines the necessity of ensuring cyber-security within the automotive framework. The union of technology and transportation brings along unique challenges as well as great opportunities. I’m definitely taken with the Xiaomi SU7’s promise and am intrigued to see where this all leads.

Do you think the concept of a ‘smartphone on wheels’ heralds a new future for EVs? Or is it just a passing gimmick that can not sustain in the upcoming market?


Source: TechCrunch

Personal Opinions

As a tech aficionado, I appreciate Xiaomi’s attempt to blur the boundaries between different tech platforms. It’s fascinating to watch our digital spheres being integrated into physical spaces.

However, with such advancements come various considerations, from privacy issues to the potential risks of technology distractions while driving. While the concept of a ‘smartphone on wheels’ raises some concerns, it also promises a new way of living, one where our digital lives don’t stay disconnected from our physical ones.

What’s your take on this? Do you see potential benefits in this new format for EVs, or do you foresee certain challenges?

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