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AI Tutors: Changing How Kids Study in the US with Top Apps from China


– AI tutors are transforming the education system in the United States.
– These AI-based learning tools primarily originate from Chinese tech companies.
– Their interactive and adaptive learning modules enrich the learning experience, moving beyond traditional education methods.
– The leading AI tutor apps gaining popularity in the US are from China.

Article Breakdown:

AI-based education is gradually revolutionizing the US education system, with AI tutors holding prime significance. These tutors are capable of making learning more interactive and adaptable, moving a step ahead of the traditional model of education.

Despite the rhetoric of technological competition between the East and West, it’s noteworthy that the leading applications in AI-based education in the US are, surprisingly, from China. China’s advancements in artificial intelligence and its integration into education are clear evidence of its technological prowess.

Personal Opinions:

As an advocate for integrating technology into education, I find this development incredibly fascinating. AI tutors could greatly contribute to personalized learning, catering to individual needs and pace. However, it also leads me to question if remaining dependent on foreign tech for education is the best course for the US. What’s your take on this?


TechCrunch. (2024, May 25). AI tutors are quietly changing how kids in the US study, and the leading apps are from China. Retreived from LINK

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