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A Fully remote Team that travels
Located in Sugar Hill, Georgia

We’re a Georgia based team, local to each other individually, and fully remote in practice. We offer top services in Central Atlanta and North Georgia, including Alpharetta, Cumming, and Buford. While we thrive in our virtual environment, we’re also frequently on the move and you’ll find us in locations such as New York, Hartford, or Richmond. Our approach combines local expertise with a national reach, ensuring the best solutions no matter where you are.



Envision, inspire and transform your business from the people to the processes.

Technology Services

Plan, develop and deliver technology solutions using custom approaches.

Digital Solutions

Design and build a digital strategy to get where you need to go.

Flat Honest PRICING
Clear, flat upfront pricing you can count on.
Metered on hours worked, not employee count.

Clients holding retainers receive priority work assignments.
We offer private rates to prefered customers, and boutique work.
Per Hour
On demand as needed
Ideal for short projects
No Discount
Per Hour
Dedicated Resource
Best for Midterm Projects
10% Discount
Per Hour
Guaranteed Availability
Long term Projects
20% Discount
Per Month
Priority Access
Flexible Service Use
Dedicated Project Lead
Core Competence
20 years of working hands on industry experience from soup to nuts.
Fluent in most of the modern and legacy languages in use today, c, c++, c#, php, python, go
java, javascript, ruby.
Work with systems daily. From VMWare, Xen, GCloud, AWS, Azure, GKE, EKS, Rancher, Vanila Kuberneties, and lets not forget onprem.
Rescuing and modernizing systems in the FinTech market for over 20 years.
Automate, Automate, Automate

Watkins Labs engineers are capable of automating almost any labor-intensive task that demands consistent execution. Whether it’s about setting up an environment, fine-tuning a service, or managing a pipeline, Watkins Labs stands ready to assist. Our extensive experience spans thousands of hours across a diverse range of systems. And we work with most technologies. Got something unique, we will learn it, document it and make it happen. 

The Power of AI in IT Automation

Developing automation takes time

The increased demand to get things done quickly often takes priority over taking the time to successfully automate IT operations.

Trust in automation rests on correct answers

Automation cannot be trusted if it's driven by outdated facts and data. Teams can only have confidence in automation when it's powered by fact-driven, causal AI.

Automation needs to be everywhere

Automation should be deployed broadly to free up teams to focus on innovation. Today technology makes it possible for teams to automatically act on observability data.
Integration seeds capability

Watkins Labs excels in the power of software integrations, seamlessly blending diverse systems to create cohesive, efficient workflows. Their expertise lies in identifying and bridging gaps between different software platforms, enhancing functionality and user experience. By leveraging the latest technologies and innovative approaches, Watkins Labs ensures that their clients benefit from integrated solutions that drive productivity, streamline operations, and foster business growth. Their focus on customization and client-specific needs makes them a leader in the realm of software integration.

Integration and data flow

Learning Curve Challenges

Adopting new software or APIs often comes with a significant learning curve, posing challenges in terms of time investment and resource allocation for effective integration and utilization.


Ensure that the API is compatible with your existing systems and technology stack. The ease of integration is crucial for a smooth transition and operation. It's important to evaluate how well the API can be integrated with your current software and whether it requires any specific environment or framework.

Performance at scale

Assess the API's performance metrics, such as response times and rate limits. It's important that the API can handle your anticipated load and scale with your business needs. Performance impacts user experience and operational efficiency, so an API that performs consistently under varying loads is preferable.
Generative AI - content, code and chat

Our AI LLM consulting services are designed to meet you wherever you are in your journeyWe’ll help you achieve company-wide readiness with a focus on data governance and security, workforce training and adoption, and licensing and implementation needs. Options such as LLAMA2, Star Coder, Microsoft CoPilot and google FLAN UL2 are just a few of your options.

Demystify AI

Which Model to choose

The field of AI is advancing swiftly, with a multitude of models emerging in the market. It's crucial for businesses to discern which AI model aligns best with their specific goals, as each model offers distinct capabilities and incurs varying operational costs.

SAS or On-Prem

In AI, choosing between SaaS and on-premises hosting hinges on factors like privacy and security. On-premises AI solutions offer enhanced control over data. In contrast, AI SaaS is more scalable and cost-effective but relies on external servers, which might pose concerns for businesses with strict data privacy requirements.

Build VS Buy

The choice between building in-house or buying off-the-shelf hinges on specific needs and resources. Building allows customization but demands more resources. Buying offers quick, cost-effective solutions but might lack specificity. Partnering enhances overall effectiveness and integration.

Custom-trained LLMs

Hypermodal AI

AI for everyone

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Chris Watkins
Founder / CEO
William Lytle
Lead Engineer
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Cherise Waldron
Delivery Lead

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