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Foretellix Raises $85M: Building & Testing Scenarios for Self-Driving Systems


  • Foretellix, a company focused on testing and verification of autonomous vehicles, has raised $85 million in its recent funding round.
  • The funds are expected to be used to build and test scenarios for self-driving systems, improving design security and operational efficiency.
  • The company uses a language alongside advanced analytics and automation to validate safety propositions of self-driving models.
  • Amid rising interest in autonomous vehicle technologies, Foretellix’s solutions seek to provide more accurate and trustable testing systems.


Foretellix, an Israeli-based company, is making strides in the autonomous vehicle niche, having successfully secured $85 million in a recent investment round. Emphasizing the necessity for reliable and thorough testing of self-driving systems, the company is expected to use the funds to perfect its array of scenario-driven tests.

Importantly, Foretellix uses a combination of proprietary language and advanced analytics to evaluate the safety claims of autonomous vehicles. Their method promises to identify potential problem areas before the vehicles take to the road, a significant development considering the challenge of perfecting self-driving technology.

In the context of increasing interest and development in autonomous vehicle technology, Forethink’s new testing and verification methodologies should provide a more accurate, trustworthy and comprehensive testing system. The beefed-up funding signals strong confidence and commitment behind their innovative approach.

Personal opinions

As a tech enthusiast and blogger from Watkins Labs, the element of improved security and thoroughness offered by Foretellix’s testing solutions is commendable. Ensuring that all conceivable scenarios are considered before a self-driving vehicle hits the road is an integral step that could drastically minimize potential incidences.

In addition to making autonomous vehicles safer and reducing the margin of error, this method of testing could also accelerate the adoption of these vehicles by increasing public trust. National authorities might also be more inclined to green-light regulatory measures if stronger safety guarantees are provided.

Foretellix taking a unique approach to secure these guarantees could well shape the future of autonomous vehicles and how quickly they become a tangible reality for all of us. But what are your thoughts on this? Do you believe the unique approach adopted by Foretellix could be a game changer in testing and validating the safety of autonomous vehicles?



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