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Why a16z’s Chris Dixon believes focusing on blockchains’ use cases is crucial


  • Chris Dixon, a well-known figure from venture capital firm a16z, urges the focus to shift from treating Blockchains as speculative assets to their actual use-cases.
  • In a recent interview with Techcrunch, Dixon emphasized the potential of the Blockchain as a trust-based technology to disrupt many traditional industries.
  • The a16z investor pointed out that the “digital gold” speculation had overshadowed the real utility value that these decentralized networks offer, such as secure transactions and unfalsifiable records.
  • Dixon encouraged Blockchain adoption and long-term investments in technologies that highlight and maximize the use value of Blockchain while minimizing speculation.

Personal Opinions

In line with Chris Dixon’s argument, I think the focus on Blockchain should indeed shift from speculation to utility. Blockchain technology has disrupted various sectors through its potential for secure, trustless transactions and reliable record-keeping, but the hyped-up “crypto-gold-rush” has overshadowed these revolutionary aspects. I believe the future of Blockchain is not in its price volatility but in leveraging its unique features to bring practical changes to everyday life. What do you think? Can focus on real-world usability help steer Blockchain technology away from the often overhyped speculation frenzy?


Source: Techcrunch

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