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Optimizing Battery Charging: How Guided Energy Helps EV Fleet Managers


  • Guided Energy is a new AI-based technology that aids electric vehicle (EV) fleet managers in optimizing their charging.
  • The technology uses predictive analytics to optimize charging times and reduce energy costs.
  • It provides insights on when to charge, how long to charge, and at what rate to decelerate battery ageing.
  • Guided Energy could be a game-changer in effective fleet management, leading to lower operational costs and reduced carbon footprint.


Guided Energy, an AI-based solution, empowers fleet managers by facilitating the optimization of battery charging for electric vehicles (EVs). Unifying cutting-edge computer science and power engineering insights, this tool could redefine the operations of EV fleet management.

It employs predictive analytics to efficiently manage battery charging, which essentially means it uses past data to predict future energy needs. Therefore, it helps identify the best times to charge and the ideal duration for maximum capacity utilization. Significantly, it uses these analytics to minimize energy costs without compromising the lifespan of the batteries.

This unique method of using AI to maximize battery potential could be a significant step forward for EV fleet managers by reducing operational costs. Not only could it make financial sense, but it also aligns with the global push towards sustainability by lessening overall energy consumption.

Personal Opinions:

As a tech enthusiast, I’m quite intrigued by this marriage of artificial intelligence and EV technology. Guided Energy sounds like a promising tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage EV fleets.

It resolves two critical concerns for fleet managers: energy costs and battery life longevity. The adaptability of an AI model offers a level of responsiveness and intelligence that static systems can’t match. And in an ever-evolving industry like EVs, adaptability is key.

But I’m curious: What are your thoughts about using AI in this way? Do you believe that predictive analytics could change the game in EV fleet management?


Source: TechCrunch

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