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Introducing ‘Fandime’ NFTs: Exclusive Movie-Related Rewards by AR Platform Really


  • The augmented reality (AR) platform Really has launched a new initiative, ‘Fandime’ NFTs, to provide its users with exclusive movie-related content.
  • Fandime NFTs are built on the Avalanche blockchain, affording faster transactions and lower fees than other networks.
  • The NFTs offer a new avenue for filmmakers and studios to connect with audiences through unique merchandise, artwork, and special footage.
  • This move comes as part of an increasing trend of tantamount importance in the entertainment industry, where NFTs and blockchain technology are being exploited for direct-to-consumer engagement.


Fascinating news from the world of technology and movies. Augmented reality (AR) platform Really has announced the launch of Fandime NFTs, a fresh concept designed to intensify audience engagement through the thrill of exclusive movie-related content. This new batch of NFTs are minted on the Avalanche blockchain, renowned for its impressive speed and reduced costs compared to other networks.

NFTs already represent a massive shift in how we appreciate art and media. And now, by leveraging this innovative form of ownership and distribution, Really is reinventing the fan experience, enabling movie buffs to own unique movie memorabilia in the digital realm.

This isn’t just about offering digital merchandise. Fandime NFTs also provide a substantial advantage for filmmakers and studios eager to connect with their audiences in an unprecedented manner. Through NFTs, they can distribute not just merch, but unique artwork, behind-the-scenes footage, and other fan goodies in a way hitherto unimagined.

Fandime’s launch is another nod towards the increasing relevance of NFTs and blockchain technology in the entertainment industry where direct-to-consumer engagement is being reshaped in exciting ways.

Personal Opinions

As a fan of both technology and films, this merger of NFTs, blockchain, and movie content is truly intriguing. On one level, it offers a brand-new avenue for fans to access unique content and collectibles. Another layer of this news demonstrates the continually evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, where blockchain technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of audience engagement strategies.

While some concerns about the environmental impact of NFTs are valid and should be addressed, the enhanced fan experience offered by the model cannot be overstated. There is a phenomenal potential that platforms like Really are starting to uncover.

What do you think? Will NFTs be the next big thing in the movie industry? Can you foresee any challenges they might face? More importantly, are there any specific movie-related NFTs you would be excited to own? Let me know in the comments below!


Source: TechCrunch

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