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Pixel 8 Pro Users: Measure Body Temperature with Thermometer App

TL;DR: Pixel 8 Pro Ushers in the Era of Measuring Body Temperature via Smartphone

Pixel 8 Pro with thermometer app

– Google’s new phone, the Pixel 8 Pro, comes with a novel feature – the ability to measure body temperature using the Thermometer app.
– This innovative application leverages the phone’s inbuilt hardware to give fairly accurate readings.
– By providing this additional function to smartphone users, Google looks to extend the usefulness of mobile phones beyond our current expectations.


The technology world meets the medical world as Google’s Pixel 8 Pro introduces the capacity to monitor body temperature with the Thermometer app, reaching new heights in the smartphone industry. According to TechCrunch, this groundbreaking feature relies on specialized hardware within the phone, further broadening the usage of mobile phones beyond traditional applications.

The new phone encompasses an innovative form of digital thermometer, taking a further step into integrating health management into our daily gadgets. Time will tell how much value this addition will bring to the users and the extent to which it will change our existing health monitoring routines.


Personal opinions

In the world where smartphones tend to be our extended limbs, including health monitoring features seem like a natural progression. This move is impressive yet expected, as we’re seeing companies incorporate more and more functionality into these devices. I see a bright future for tech-health integration, with Pixel 8 Pro leading the charge.

However, it raises a few questions: How accurate are these readings going to be? Will we see other companies follow suit? Do you feel that this addition will elevate how we track our overall health? Let’s keep an eye on the development and see where this leads us.


Source: TechCrunch

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