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Instagram Co-Founders’ Artifact: The AI News App That Might Not Close Down


– First off, Artifact, the AI-driven news app developed by the Instagram co-founders was rumored to be shutting down.
– Contrary reports suggest that not only is the platform continuing operations but is also set to undergo some product evolution.
– The founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, have not confirmed any such shutdown. They also have plans to roll out significant updates for Artifact.
– Though specific details about the updates and improvements to Artifact have not been disclosed, it seems the enhancements will help keep pace with the changing landscape of digital news consumption.


Instagram co-founders have been creating waves in the world of tech again, but this time it’s with Artifact, their AI-enhanced news curation app. Now, after speculative reports of its discontinuation, it seems that Artifact is not only sticking around, but it’s also slated for evolution.

It would appear Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the minds behind Instagram, have big plans for Artifact. Although there hasn’t been any official statement released to pacify the rumors of the shutdown, internal updates suggest major changes are in the pipeline.

The specifics of the upgrades remain under wraps, but they are expected to reflect the shifting trends in how news is consumed. The aim is to build a system that meets the demands of the modern reader, offering personalized news selections while staying aware of the broader happenings around the world.

Keenly awaited, the updates to Artifact have the potential to redefine how we interact with news daily, ensuring we stay informed yet not overwhelmed.

Personal Opinions

This sounds like groundbreaking news from the creators of Artifact. Hiring the minds that sparked Instagram’s unparalleled success to refine and revitalize their AI-powered news app is promising. I believe that giving individual users tailored news, carefully distilled from a world of noise, sets a necessary precedent for digital news platforms. Yet, with such personalization, there continues to be the necessity for transparency and accountability in the algorithms that decide what news makes it to each user. What do you think of the future of personalized news platforms? Can Artifact strike the right balance?


Source: TechCrunch

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