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UK AI Startup Greyparrot partners with recycling giant Bollegraaf


  • UK AI startup, Greyparrot, recently secured a strategic partnership with recycling giant, Bollegraaf.
  • Greyparrot’s advanced image-based AI technology will contribute towards further enhancing Bollegraaf’s automated sorting capabilities in recycling plants.
  • This collaboration has the potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of recycling operations, driving down costs and enhancing environmental sustainability.


Greyparrot, the London-based startup specializing in waste recognition technology, announced a significant new partnership this week with Bollegraaf. Bollegraaf, an international leader in the material recovery and waste processing industry, has chosen to integrate Greyparrot’s pioneering image-based AI technology into their recycling process.

With the environmental impact of waste and the importance of its effective management becoming ever more understood, Greyparrot’s innovative technology has the potential to dramatically transform recycling operations. Their AI-powered solution provides superior recognition accuracy and improves the automated sorting process, leading to operational efficiencies, cost savings, and most importantly, a substantial contribution to environmental sustainability.

This partnership is seen as a groundbreaking move for the recycling industry, offering a powerful tool in the fight against waste.


In an age where technology is changing every facet of our lives, it’s remarkable to see the transformative effects it can have on something as comparatively traditional as the waste management sector. Companies like Greyparrot are helping industries evolve to tackle the significant challenges of our time – in this case, environmental sustainability.

The partnership between Greyparrot and Bollegraaf spells a future where the recycling process is more efficient, accurate, and less costly. It’s incredible how AI technology is playing such a crucial role in shaping our sustainable pathways. I only hope that other sectors can adopt these advancements as swiftly and effectively.


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Personal Opinions

The integration of AI-driven solutions into industries where one might not initially expect them goes to show that the boundaries of what technology can achieve are ever-expanding. Moreover, the move by Bollegraaf to embrace this technology reflects a genuine commitment to sustainability, a virtue all companies should emulate.

I ask you, do you also see value in the tech-driven transformation of traditional industries? How do you think other industries could incorporate AI to align their operations with sustainability goals? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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