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Lingrove: A Carbon-Negative Wood Alternative Making Waves with $10M Funding Round


– Lingrove, a San Francisco-based materials science company, has reaped a $10 Million fund in a recent round of financing.
– The start-up has created and produced a wood alternative that claims to be carbon-negative.
– The novel product, known as Ekoa, contributes significantly to sustainability, offering an option that lessens the environmental impact.
– This funding will foster the company’s production capabilities and its efforts to propagate sustainable industry practices.


Lingrove, a materials science startup based in San Francisco, is making waves with its latest creation, Ekoa, a wood alternative with claims of being carbon-negative. Lingrove’s goal to bring sustainability into everyday products is powering forward, especially with the recent $10 million in funding the company has secured.

Ekoa presents a renewed perspective towards the production and usage of wood. Ideally, it slots in as a better alternative to conventional wood, with superior durability and versatility, whilst reducing the environmental impact significantly compared to traditional forestry practices.

The latest round of funding will build on the momentum that Lingrove has created, acting as a boost towards their bid to reshape how the industry thinks about sustainability. The additional resources will allow the company to expand on their production and distribution capabilities, increasing the accessibility of their products to a wider market.

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The steady gain of funding for companies like Lingrove illustrates the growing societal consciousness towards sustainability. Ekoa showcases that we don’t need to give up on quality to achieve sustainability. What’s truly captivating is how Lingrove is reshaping sustainability narratives in the industry. By creating a product that goes beyond mere replacement, it challenges the way we perceive sustainability – as not just about reducing harm, but also reversing environmental impact.

What challenges do you foresee in the broad adoption of Lingrove’s product? And, do you think it’s truly possible to manufacture a carbon-negative product on a larger scale?


Source: TechCrunch

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