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Making Apps Collaborative: Velt, a Y Combinator-Backed Startup


  • A startup named Velt has received backing from renowned seed money startup accelerator Y-Combinator.
  • Velt aims to make more apps collaborative, marking a move toward more interconnected and interactive digital spaces.


Under the banner of Y-Combinator, renowned for its support and backing of contemporary start-ups, Velt has emerged with an ambitious goal: to make more apps collaborative. This means Velt wants to transform the use of apps from singular, solitary experiences into collective, cooperative endeavors.

Collaborative apps are not a new phenomenon; indeed, they’ve been a growing trend with the shift towards remote work and online project management. Generous support from Y-Combinator indicates a belief in the future of Velt’s plans, and if successful, we could all be working with our favorite apps in new, more collaborative ways in the future.

Personal Opinions

Personally, I see a lot of potential in Velt’s mission. In a world where digital collaboration is becoming increasingly necessary, any tool or platform aiming to make this process even smoother is a welcomed advance.

However, it’s worth considering the balance between productive collaboration and preserving user agency. Collaboration should enhance the user’s experience, not overly complicate it or create additional work. How Velt proposes to navigate this will be fascinating to observe. What do you think? Does the idea of more connected, collaborative apps appeal to you, or do you prefer to maintain a certain degree of solitary control?


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