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Doubtnut: From $150M Offer to $10M Sale – The Journey of a Startup


– Doubtnut, an Indian edtech startup, has sold for $10 million. This comes as a surprise given that Byju’s, India’s homegrown edtech behemoth, had once offered Doubtnut a deal worth $150 million.
– Doubtnut, which offers multilingual online educational resources to students, saw its value fall dramatically, leading to the significantly lower selling price.
– The reasons behind this drastic reduction in valuation are not explicitly stated, leaving room for speculation that it may be due to a variety of factors such as competitive market pressures, changes in the educational landscape, or internal issues.


Doubtnut, the startup committed to providing valuable online educational resources to students across India, unexpectedly wrapped up its operations with a sale worth $10 million. What makes this news particularly intriguing is the fact that Doubtnut was once floated an acquisition offer from Byju’s — India’s leading edtech figure — at a staggering $150 million. This massive decline in its eventual selling price has left the tech world abuzz.

The drop in Doubtnut’s valuation over time and its eventual lower than anticipated sale figure raises questions about the volatile nature of the industry, and how quickly fortunes can change in highly competitive markets like edtech. More data would be needed to accurately dissect the cause behind Doubtnut’s fall from its once prominent potential acquisition value.


From a personal perspective, this situation underlines the unpredictable nature of the tech startup landscape. The significant valuation drop from $150 million to a mere $10 million highlights how even promising startups can face unforeseen hurdles. One can’t help but ponder what drove this drastic change? Was it intense competition, issues with their business model, or changes in market trends? We may not be privy to the exact cause, but this instance certainly serves as a sobering reminder of meticulous due diligence needed.

Would you agree that the fluctuating fortunes of Doubtnut signify the unpredictable nature of the edtech industry? Are there other factors you think might have contributed to the company’s dramatic fall in value?


Source: TechCrunch

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