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Sona: New Music Streaming Platform & Marketplace Revolutionizes Fan Rewards


  • Sona, a new platform harnessing the power of blockchain, has embarked on a novel approach to music streaming and purchasing. It is rewarding fans who buy ‘digital twins’ of songs.
  • The platform offers music streams in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), converting popular tunes into ‘digital twins.’ These NFTs can then be purchased by fans, combining elements of collecting and listening to music.
  • While the Sona platform primarily focuses on music, plans are underway to expand to other digital content as the market place for NFTs heats up.


Sona, a newly established music streaming platform and marketplace, has introduced an innovative way to listen and own music in the digital age. As the latest entrant to the growing NFT space, it’s looking to reward fans who invest in ‘digital twins’ of songs. In essence, they’re creating unique digital artefacts on their blockchain-powered platform.

Fans, consequently, can not only enjoy listening to their favorite artists, but also foster a deeper level of ownership by purchasing these ‘digital twins.’ These non-fungible tokens are unique, akin to owning a rare vinyl record or collector’s edition CD, adding a whole new dimension to the music appreciation experience.

The platform’s plans aren’t stopping at music, either. As the NFT marketplace continues to gain traction, Sona plans to diversify and include other forms of digital content for its users to peruse and acquire.

Personal opinions

I must admit, the concept of merging music streaming with NFTs is a fascinating proposition and Sona is leaning into this trend headfirst. Should music fans embrace this format, we could well be witnessing a paradigm shift in how music is consumed and collected. However, at the same time, it’s important to consider the possible pitfalls. As with any cutting-edge technology, the integration of blockchain and NFTs with music streaming comes with its own set of challenges, not least of which is the environmental impact of minting NFTs and the potential for market volatility. But in a rapidly evolving digital media landscape, who’s to say what the future holds? Would you be willing to buy digital twins of your favorite songs?


Source: TechCrunch

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