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OpenAI Appoints Former Twitter India Head for Expansion in the Country


  • OpenAI, an AI research lab based in San Francisco, has recruited Rishi Jaitly to spearhead its operations in India. Jaitly, formerly in charge of Twitter’s operations in India and the Middle East, is taking on the role of General Manager for OpenAI India.
  • OpenAI’s new offices in India will focus on fostering collaborations with local academic institutions and other tech companies, and advancing AI tech and policies specific to the Indian context.
  • Jaitly’s recruitment is part of OpenAI’s larger strategy to grow its global footprint, and India, with its thriving tech startup scene and deep pool of talent, seems to be high up in the organization’s list of priority regions.
  • This move is expected to bolster the AI ecosystem in India, providing opportunities for researchers, professionals, and businesses in the country to engage more directly with bleeding-edge AI technology and its applications.


OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research laboratory based in San Francisco has recently made a major hire to begin its operations in India. The chosen one is none other than Rishi Jaitly. Formerly the head of Twitter’s operations in India and the Middle East, Jaitly will now serve as the General Manager for OpenAI India.

The India office is intended to serve as a hub, nurturing and building collaborations with local academia and the Indian tech industry. OpenAI aims to learn from these collaborations and to tailor its advanced AI tech and policies to the unique needs of the Indian market.

The recruitment of Jaitly seems to be part of a larger agenda by OpenAI to expand its global footprint. The decision to focus on India aligns with the country’s thriving tech startup ecosystem and the significant pool of talent it holds.

It is anticipated that OpenAI’s decision to establish a base in India will significantly impact the country’s AI system. Potential new roles for professionals, opportunities for researchers, and the enhanced accessibility to advanced AI technology for businesses are just some of the benefits.


In my opinion, this is a groundbreaking move by OpenAI. It’s exciting to see India gaining traction as a global hub for AI research. The appointment of Jaitly, who already has a solid foot in the Indian tech scene, looks promising for OpenAI’s aspiration to connect with the local tech ecosystem.

With OpenAI’s commitment to fostering collaborations with academia and the tech industry, we can certainly hope to see some exciting developments in the field of AI. This could potentially enhance both the innovation and application of AI technology within the Indian market.

We’ll need to keep an eye on how this move influences the AI landscape, not just in India, but globally. What do you think? Will these collaborations bear fruit and lead to landmark innovations, or will this just be another blip on the AI radar?


Source: TechCrunch

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