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Pitch Deck Teardown: Analyzing HomeCooks’ $3.2M Funding Pitch

Key Highlights:

  • HomeCooks, a new entrepreneurial venture, recently raised $3.2M in seed investment.
  • The funding process was made possible through their impactful pitch deck that clearly communicated the company’s vision, mission, and growth plans.
  • HomeCooks is a start-up seeking to revolutionize the home-based catering industry, making high-quality, homemade meals easily accessible to any foodie.
  • The deck was praised for its excellent use of infographics and clear, concise language.
  • However, the investors also recommended improvements in the tactical details such as market specifics and financial projections.


HomeCooks, a budding start-up in the modern culinary landscape, managed to secure a whopping $3.2M seed fund for their company. Their pitch deck was instrumental in this success, as it clearly communicated their vision of transforming the home-based catering industry one step at a time. The deck was packed with compelling imagery and infographics that struck a chord with investors. The clear and concise language also lent excellence to the presentation, allowing their innovative idea to shine through.

However, not everything was sunshine and roses. Investors also had few recommendations for the start-up. Some investors emphasized that, while the deck was visually appealing and persuasive, it slightly lacked in the area of tactical details. Improvements were suggested in terms of the specifics about the target market and the financial projections that the start-up hopes to achieve with the seed fund.


The feat achieved by HomeCooks is truly incredible, and their pitch deck indeed seems to have played a pivotal role in their success. However, as stressed by the investors, they could consider ramping up their market research to provide more concrete financial projections. A more robust financial game plan could significantly reassure potential investors. Don’t you think it’s the financial assurance, ultimately, that can hasten a start-up’s journey towards success?


Source: TechCrunch

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