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Introducing Tumblr Communities: Semi-Private Groups with Moderators and Feeds


  • Tumblr is testing ‘Communities’, a new feature that allows the creation of semi-private groups.
  • Each of these groups would have their own feeds and moderators.
  • The goal of this new feature is to give users a space where they can express themselves freely while being part of a community that shares existing interests.
  • This move comes as part of their efforts to increase interactivity among users and niche interest groups.

In line with their effort to increase user interaction on the platform, Tumblr is reportedly testing a new feature that allows for the creation of semi-private groups, provisionally named ‘Communities’. Each community comes with its own feed and moderators. The concept resonates with the idea of facilitating a space for users to freely share their thoughts within a specific group who share their interests.

Considering Tumblr’s long-standing reputation as a haven for various niche interest groups, this new feature feels like an apt progression of its core community-driven ethos. By running this test, Tumblr demonstrates its commitment to providing platforms that invite creatives to express their ideas without the fear of mainstream backlash.

Personal opinions:

As a blogger at Watkins Labs, where freedom of expression forms a central theme in our work, I find the introduction of ‘Communities’ on Tumblr to be a refreshing endeavor. In our digitally connected world, it’s necessary to have special corners where we can indulge in our particular interests without diluting our expressions for the masses.

Of course, I also recognize the challenges associated with moderating these spaces and maintaining the balance between freedom of expression and the potential for misuse. But, with proper oversight and governance measures, this feature has the capacity to become a game-changer for Tumblr.

Do you folks think ‘Communities’ can become the key to increased interactivity and user base growth for Tumblr? Or do you foresee significant challenges in moderating these niche communities that might overshadow the initiative’s potential benefits?


Source: TechCrunch

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