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“AI Plushie Grok: The Trademark Battle between Elon Musk and Grimes”


– Canadian musician Grimes has launched an AI voice-activated plush toy called Curio Grok.
– The novelty feature is that Grok is voiced by Grimes herself, adding a personal touch beyond its AI-related capabilities.
– Interestingly, the ‘Grok’ trademark was filed by Grimes in July 2023, predating Elon Musk’s endeavor to trademark the term for a different application.
– Grimes’ Grok is designed to engage its owners with logical puzzles, fun narratives, and AI-generated conversational content.


In the science fiction of yesterday, the idea of a plush toy that can talk back was just that – fiction. But today, we are stepping into a future realer than reality itself with a new trademark, Curio Grok, by the singer-songwriter Grimes. It’s a next-level, voice-activated AI plushie that does more than just babble.

Its unique selling proposition lies in the fact that it is voiced by Grimes herself. This AI companion steps up the game by integrating with smart home devices, sharing stories, engaging users in logical puzzles, and providing AI-generated conversational content. But that’s not all. In a twist, Grimes seems to have beaten her partner Elon Musk to the punch, having filed for the ‘Grok’ trademark as early as July 2023, ahead of Musk’s endeavor to do the same.

It seems we’re in an era where playthings aren’t just child’s stuff anymore. Whether for leisure, education, or the pure thrill of technology, Curio Grok is proof that AI is shaping everyday products in new and exciting ways.


While it’s too early to say if the world will groove with Grok, it’s safe to say that the AI-adoring audience including me are humming with anticipation. I believe Grimes’ initiative could be a stepping stone to integrating AI technology more casually and frequently into everyday playthings — a very Sanderson-esque idea of infusing the mundane with the extraordinary. How long before we have AI that could write songs, invent games, or maybe even pen a blog?

And lets not forget the fun twist in the tale – Grok being trademarked by Grimes even before Elon Musk could. Does it say something about the competitive spirit or maybe a covert war of wits at play?

What are your thoughts about a real AI plushie? Do you think it can truly transform the way we interact with our daily objects?


Source: TechCrunch

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