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“Linktree’s Latest Acquisition: Koji, a Prominent Link-in-Bio Platform”


  • Linktree, a popular social media profile linking service, has made its second acquisition for the year: the link-in-bio platform, Koji.
  • This is in line with Linktree’s strategic growth and expansion plans, aiming to provide a more comprehensive suite of features to its user base.
  • Koji comes with a wide array of interactive features that will augment Linktree’s current offerings, such as games, quizzes, and new ways to connect with followers.


As revealed by TechCrunch, Linktree, a fast-growing Australian firm that allows social media users to share their entire online presence through a single link, has its second acquisition this year firmly in its crosshairs. This time, it’s for Koji, a dynamic link-in-bio platform that lets influencers and creators offer more interactive experiences to their followers.

The strategic acquisition of Koji highlights Linktree’s desire to create a more complete service for its users. Koji is highly praised for its versatility, offering users the ability to create games, quizzes, and various other interactive features within their link-in-bio.

This move appears to be a giant leap forward for Linktree’s current offerings, expanding their capabilities and providing their users with a more comprehensive toolkit to increase their engagement and improve their online presence.


This news signifies the growing significance of keeping social media profiles diverse and interactive. By acquiring Koji, Linktree has shown that it means business and is ready to provide extras that users might need. The Koji acquisition seems like a great fit as it will offer additional versatile options for Linktree users to expand their online persona and engagement.

Do you believe that this acquisition will significantly enhance Linktree’s features and improve user engagement as anticipated?


Source: TechCrunch

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