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“BeReal: Private Groups & Live Photo-like Features + Pew Estimates 13% of US Teens Use This App”


– BeReal, the social photo app, announces new feature additions – private groups and Live Photo-like capabilities.

– Pew Research indicates that 13% of US teenagers are already using the app.

– The Live Photo feature allows users to capture spontaneous moments, adding a dynamic element to the app’s content.

– The addition of private groups enables more closed circle interactions, giving users the option to share content with selected friends or family.


The innovative social photo sharing platform BeReal is adding new features to its offering – specifically private groups and Live Photo-like capabilities. These new features arrive as Pew Research indicates that 13% of US teenagers are now utilizing the platform.

Favored by its user base for its spontaneity, BeReal’s new feature, reminiscent of Apple’s Live Photo, aims to invite more authentic moments by capturing a few seconds of video before and after the photo is taken. This not only makes the experience more immersive and engaging, but also adds an element of surprise to the traditional photo-sharing concept.

The private groups feature gives users the capability to create a more personalized space within the app. This enhances user experiences by allowing them to share visual content with selected group members such as friends or family, making for a more intimate and curated sharing environment.


The introduction of private groups and Live Photo features by BeReal seems to be in tune with the current trends of social media consumption. The embrace of spontaneity and realness strikes a chord with the Gen Z population, of which 13% are already users of the app. With the addition of these new features, BeReal seems ready to elevate the user experience and compete more earnestly with the giants of the social media ecosystem.

Private groups, in particular, could foster more intimate and authentic connections in an era where users are increasingly cautious about their digital footprints. Meanwhile, the Live Photo-like feature could redefine what ‘capturing a moment’ means by adding depth to the visuals.

What do you think? Will these new features help BeReal secure a more significant user base? How do you see the evolution of social media platforms that emphasize capturing authentic, unfiltered moments?


Source: TechCrunch

Personal Opinions

Creating a social media environment that feels authentic and safe is a delicate balancing act. BeReal’s new features show they’re thinking about how to strike this balance. The addition of Live Photo-like features and private groups underline how they are keen on fostering genuine connections and prioritising user comfort. This could set a great example for other platforms, nudging them to think about how they can make the time their users spend online more meaningful and less concerning.

Remember, the key to successful social media isn’t about who shouts the loudest, but who builds the best connections – wouldn’t you agree?

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