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The Ultimate Techy Chef Gift Guide 2023


  • The article discusses the best tech-based kitchen gifts for 2023, tailored for chefs who love integrating technology into their cooking routine.
  • Gift options range from innovative kitchen appliances to smart utensils that improve efficiency and precision in culinary tasks.
  • Ideas include a smart air fryer, a sous vide precision cooker, a digital kitchen scale, and a wireless meat thermometer, acknowledging that accurate measure and control of temperature are crucial in modern cooking.
  • These cooking gadgets are designed to streamline kitchen duties, promising professional cooking results even to amateur chefs.


TechCrunch recently published an article featuring the perfect kitchen gadgets for tech-savvy chefs. As we march into the future, our household spaces are getting a tech makeover, and your kitchen shouldn’t be left behind. From smart air fryers that offer a healthier cooking alternative to traditional fryers, to precision cookers that simplify the complex sous vide cooking process, these gadgets are revolutionizing our cooking experience.

The list additionally included a digital kitchen scale for precise measurements of ingredients and a wireless meat thermometer that ensures the perfect grilling every time. These gifts are not only cool tech gadgets but also help enhance culinary skills and precision.

Personal Opinions

As a tech enthusiast and an occasional cook myself, I believe these gadgets truly add value to our kitchen duties, making tasks more convenient and interesting. The integration of tech in the kitchen not only ups your culinary game but enriches the overall cooking experience. Therefore, these make perfect gifts for the holiday season or any occasion for that matter. However, a part of me does wonder: do these gadgets make cooking more technical and less instinctive? Isn’t cooking an art that requires personal touch more than mechanical precision?

Wouldn’t it be fun to hear your thoughts on this as well. Are these gadgets revolutionizing our cooking in a good way, or are they stripping away the personal touch and the art of cooking?


Source: TechCrunch.

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