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Apple Vision Pro: A Guide to Buying or Testing the $3,500 Headset


– Apple has announced the release of a new piece of high-end tech: the Apple Vision Pro.
– Priced at a staggering $3,500, this headset is a considerable investment.
– TechCrunch offers insights on where and how potential customers can buy or trial this cutting-edge device.


In a world where technology never stops evolving, Apple continues to be a leading innovator with its latest release: the Apple Vision Pro. Announced at a steep price of $3,500, the new gadget is not for the faint-hearted or light-pocketed.

However, for those who are enthusiastic about cutting-edge tech and able to stomach the price tag, TechCrunch provides valuable information on where and how to purchase or test out this promising product. Whether you’re a gadget lover or a professional requiring hi-tech devices for work, the Apple Vision Pro could be worth considering.


Here at Watkins Labs, we appreciate clear leaps in technological innovation – and the Apple Vision Pro is definitely one such leap. However, the sky-high pricing might deter the average customer. Any investment of this magnitude should come with a guarantee of value for money. Here’s the burning question – does the Apple Vision Pro’s performance justify its cost?

We’re also keenly interested in Apple’s strategy. Is this product targeting a specific niche, or is it a precursor to more, perhaps less-expensive, high tech devices in the future?


For more detailed information on how to purchase or trial the product, follow the link here.

Personal opinions

From a tech-enthusiast perspective, the Apple Vision Pro is undeniably an exciting development. Despite its breathtaking price tag, it may offer unparalleled performance and redefine what we expect from wearable technology.

That said, Apple’s intentions behind releasing such an expensive gadget remain somewhat ambiguous. This move could alienate regular customers while appealing exclusively to high-end buyers or professionals. What are your views on this, dear reader? Do you see the Apple Vision Pro as a game-changing device worth its hefty price, or merely an overpriced novelty? And how would you like to see Apple’s technology evolve in the future?

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