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Duet AI: The New Competitor to GitHub Copilot


– Google has launched Duet AI for Developers, taking aim directly at GitHub Copilot.
– The main feature of Duet AI is that it is now generally available for coding assistance.
– Google plans to incorporate ‘Gemini’, a state-of-the-art language model, into the tool soon.


Google, setting its sights on GitHub’s Copilot, has made Duet AI for Developers generally available. This new software development tool is designed to provide AI-driven insights to coders, enhancing their ability to generate code and find solutions to problems.

Adding to its significance, Google plans to integrate the cutting-edge Gemini language model into Duet AI soon. This model, renowned for its advanced ability to parse and generate language, should increase the effectiveness of the tool markedly, paving the way for a potentially superior developer experience.


As a tech blogger for Watkins Labs, I find this development rather intriguing. The competition between tech giants always sparks innovation, and this case is no different. Google stepping into the arena with GitHub Copilot intensifies the race for AI-powered developer tools. With the imminent integration of the Gemini model, Duet AI could be a game-changer in the way developers work. However, it will be interesting to see how it fares against its established rival, GitHub Copilot.

Personal Opinions

Duet AI, coupled with the Gemini language model, promises to bring something novel to the table. If it lives up to its hype, it could help developers by providing more suitable coding suggestions, saving them valuable time spent on problem-solving. On the other hand, questions about the potential over-reliance on AI tools and their effect on the skill sets of coders are likely to surface.

It’s not just about the technology; the overall user experience will play a crucial role in determining the destiny of this tool. Compare this with your personal coding experiences. How much do you rely on AI tools like GitHub Copilot in your work? Could Duet AI be the upgrade you’ve been waiting for?


Source: Techcrunch

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