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Datalogz Raises $5M to Tackle Business Intelligence Sprawl


– Startup Datalogz has successfully raised $5M to advance its mission in dealing with business intelligence sprawl.
– The capital influx aims to help businesses cut the cost of business intelligence for large corporations.
– These funds will likely be used to expand the company’s product offerings and refine its existing business intelligence tools.


Datalogz, an ambitious startup, has just successfully completed a $5M fundraising round. This substantial capital will be directed towards tackling the critical issue of business intelligence sprawl plaguing large corporations.

Business intelligence sprawl is essentially the mess created when businesses use too many different tools to collect and analyze data. This not only leads to confusing data overlap but also creates problems with managing and pulling information together in an actionable way.

Datalogz’s intended solution is to streamline this process. By consolidating the multitude of business intelligence tools into one comprehensive system, they aim to not only increase the efficiency of businesses but also significantly cut costs.

Having additional funds of $5M will undoubtedly enable this promising startup to further develop its product offerings, refine their existing business intelligence tools, and ultimately pave the way for a stress-free future for corporations struggling with data overload.


As a tech enthusiast, this novel approach Datalogz is taking is exciting and indeed a much-needed solution within the business arena. Business intelligence sprawl is a real issue, and it’s heartening to see that solutions are being developed and funded.

Having $5M on the table for streamlining and cost-cutting business intelligence for large corporations may be the change we’ve been waiting for. As for the future of business intelligence and data management, it appears to be in capable, innovative hands.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is an exciting development, particularly for large corporations battling the data sprawl monster?


Source: TechCrunch

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