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“Cisco Acquires Isovalent: Reinventing Networking and Security with Cloud-Native Approach”


  • Cisco Systems Inc., the multinational technology conglomerate, has announced its intention to acquire Isovalent, a startup specializing in cloud-native networking and security.
  • This move aligns with Cisco’s strategic plan to solidify its position in the networking infrastructure market, as well as in the cybersecurity world.
  • Profound details regarding the financial terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed.
  • Isovalent’s cutting-edge technology could significantly enhance Cisco’s capabilities in providing integrated and scalable networking solutions.


This is yet another strategic move by Cisco Systems, a company known for leveraging mergers and acquisitions to solidify its foothold in various tech market segments. By acquiring Isovalent, they get to integrate and benefit from the startup’s proprietary cloud-native networking and security technologies. Although the financial nitty-gritty of this transaction remains under wraps, the deal’s impact on the tech giant’s value proposition is undoubted.

Isovalent offers a strong USP of platform-agnostic networking systems, capable of enhancing the security protocols of any existing infrastructure while enabling superior interaction among diversified cloud services. Their technology also promises reduced latency and greater fail-safe performance, making them a valuable asset for Cisco.

This deal draws a clearer picture of Cisco’s unwavering focus on becoming a dominant player in network infrastructure and cybersecurity simultaneously. Thanks to Isovalent, now they possess the armory to compete with other industry heavyweights that are already on the cloud-native warpath.


This move once again confirms Cisco’s relentless pursuit of dominance in the networking and security spheres. Not only does it help the company stay relevant in today’s fast-paced, cloud-dominated world, but it also gives them an edge over competitors by integrating Isovalent’s innovative solutions into their offerings. The question that we have to ask, however, is whether this acquisition will bring the desired success for Cisco, or if it’s another costly gamble in the rapidly evolving tech market?


Source: TechCrunch

Personal Opinions

As a tech aficionado, I am genuinely excited about this acquisition. The combination of Cisco’s powerful networking infrastructure and Isovalent’s cloud-native security solutions may result in products that fundamentally shape the future of cloud networking. Given the expertise Cisco already possesses, the integration of Isovalent’s offerings could lead to a rapid evolution in its product portfolio, potentially benefitting numerous businesses worldwide. Nonetheless, we should keep an eye on how well Cisco manages to integrate Isovalent.

What are your thoughts on this acquisition? Do you think Isovalent’s technology will significantly impact Cisco’s future?

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