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Bugcrowd Secures $102M to Power its Crowdsourced Bug Bounty Platform


  • Bugcrowd has successfully acquired a whopping $102 million funding for its ‘bug bounty’ security platform.
  • The said platform utilizes the skills of over half a million hackers in identifying system vulnerabilities.
  • The new influx of capital will enable the company to continue improving their platform, attract more hackers and ensure robust security measures for their clients.


In a recent development, Bugcrowd, the company known for its ‘bug bounty’ security platform, has managed to secure an impressive $102 million funding. This platform works on an interesting concept where it uses the expertise of over 500,000 hackers globally. These hackers are tasked with identifying potential vulnerabilities in systems, ensuring a robust security apparatus for the clients.

With this significant funding, it’s expected that Bugcrowd will not only enhance its platform but also attract and foster a wider community of hackers. This, in turn, will help provide even more robust, cutting-edge security solutions to its clients.


The impressive acquisition indicates a growing acknowledgment of unconventional yet effective methods of cybersecurity. Bugcrowd’s move to leverage the prowess of hackers—a group conventionally seen as a threat—into a force for security marks a turning point in the way that companies approach their cybersecurity measures.

By fostering a community of hackers who strengthen security systems instead of exploiting them, we might be looking at a new trend in cybersecurity. This has the potential to create a more secure digital landscape while offering hackers legal and rewarding ways to use their skills.

Furthermore, the successful funding round for Bugcrowd exemplifies how tech companies are willing to pour resources into innovative cybersecurity initiatives. It’s refreshing to see this proactive step towards harbingering a new era in digital protection. Do you think this could signal a shift in the cybersecurity landscape?


Source: TechCrunch

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