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YouTube’s New Feature: Pause Comments on Videos


– YouTube has unveiled a new feature to allow creators to pause comments on their videos
– This development is aimed at giving video creators more control over the conversation occurring around their content
– Creators can choose to pause comments after a certain time or even indefinitely
– The new feature is part of YouTube’s ongoing campaign to improve content moderation and reduce online harassment


In a step towards enhancing content moderation and reducing online harassment, YouTube has added a new tool for creators – the ability to pause comments on their videos. This feature, driven by creators’ need for better control over their content’s engagement, allows content creators to ‘take a break’ from comment moderation.

Creators on YouTube now have the option to pause comments indefinitely, or set a timer for when comments get suspended. The timing at which comments are suspended rests solely on the creator’s discretion. This feature could prove to be an integral tool for creators experiencing a surge in negative comments, or simply for those needing a break from active online engagement.

This update follows a series of actions taken by YouTube to further refine its moderation policies and combat online harassment. In addition to helping creators better manage the conversation around their videos, it’s likely that this also aims to ensure a safer and healthier online space for all YouTube users.

Personal Opinions

As an avid fan of technological advancements and an advocate for online safety, I welcome YouTube’s recent development. It’s a winning combination — providing creators with control while promoting a healthier digital environment.

The potential for misuse is there, yes. Perversely, it might embolden some creators to propagate misinformation without fear of being called out in the comments section. However, the potential benefits are too significant to overlook: lessened harassment, reduced pressure on creators, and curbed toxic behaviours.

It’s critical, therefore, that YouTube continue refining this tool while striking a balance between creator control and open dialogue. What are your thoughts on how this feature might impact engagement on the platform on a larger scale? Can a balance be struck between fostering robust conversation and ensuring digital safety?


Source: TechCrunch

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