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Unveiling the Truth: AI Reviews – Why They’re Impossible but TechCrunch is Tackling Them


– TechCrunch is taking a bold move to start reviewing AI technologies, despite acknowledging the challenges tied to it.
– The difficulty in reviewing AI is that they are not static technologies. They learn, adapt, and evolve over time, which makes it a tricky process.
– Despite the challenges, they believe it’s a valuable endeavor to ensure transparency and accountability in the rapidly advancing world of AI.
– They aim to review the AI capabilities based on two main aspects; the quality of the AI’s underlying technology, and its effective application.
– It will give readers a better understanding of these technologies and guide them in case they want to purchase or use them.


TechCrunch, a leading tech publication, recently made an announcement that is stirring up quite the conversation. Despite the numerous challenges, they have a novel angle they’re exploring: reviewing AI. This choice isn’t without its complexities, mostly due to a fundamental aspect of Artificial Intelligence.

You see, AI systems are different. They’re not static like traditional hardware or software products. They continuously learn, adapt, and evolve from data and experience, which means their performance and capabilities can fluctuate, making them difficult to evaluate using traditional reviewing methodologies.

Nevertheless, the team at TechCrunch believes it’s imperative to put AI under scrutiny. They argue that, by doing so, they can help ensure transparency, keep companies accountable, and lend their readers a hand by giving them an informed opinion about an AI product before purchasing or using it.

Their planned approach is two-pronged. They will evaluate AI products based on (1) the quality of the underlying technology – including its overall performance, accuracy, and learning capability, and (2) its effectiveness in application – does it actually do what it promises? Can it genuinely add value to its users?

Personal opinions

Personally, I applaud this bold initiative by TechCrunch. By taking on the challenging task of evaluating AI products, they are upping the game in tech journalism. Assessing the quality and effectiveness of AIs can be a daunting task, but when done right, it can provide consumers with valuable insights and aid in their purchasing decisions.

This move will inherently require a shift in reviewing strategies, but it can potentially push other firms to follow suit – raising the standards of the industry as a whole. In a rapidly advancing tech world where AI is becoming a part of everyday life, such efforts are not just commendable, but necessary.

But what do you think? Is it about time for tech publications to embrace the challenges of AI review? Will it become a standard in tech journalism, and how would it shape the industry if so?


Source: TechCrunch

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