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Twitch Shutdown in Korea: High Network Fees Cause Closure


  • Twitch has announced plans to shut down its operations in Korea.
  • The move is influenced by the high network fees in the nation, making it ‘prohibitively expensive’ to continue services.
  • Twitch has not specified the exact costs causing the shutdown.
  • The closure will likely cause a stir among the Korean online streaming community, where Twitch holds a significant user base.
  • Alternatives to the platform are still unclear, leaving the streamers and audience in a moment of uncertainty.


It seems the popular live streaming platform Twitch is set to exit the Korean market due to the exorbitant network fees. Noting that the cost of operating on Korean networks is ‘prohibitively expensive,’ Twitch has reluctantly decided to pull back, leaving a void in a vibrant streaming community.

Although the company has shied away from stating the specific costs that have led to this decision, the move gives a clear indication of the high costs of maintaining streaming services in Korea. The debacle further magnifies the debate on net neutrality and the need for equitable access to internet services.

This departure is sure to cause waves in the Korean online landscape since Twitch was significantly popular among the youth. Still, the future remains uncertain for streamers and fans alike as Twitch’s alternatives are yet to emerge and prove their mettle.


Now, personal opinions, as a tech blogger at Watkins Labs deeply engrossed in the digital media scene, this news strikes as quite unfortunate. Twitch’s exit from Korea is likely to create a ripple effect, disrupting not just the streaming community but also immediately forcing a paradigm shift in content consumption.

On the broader scale, this could also initiate debates around net neutrality, affordability, and accessibility of digital services across different geographies. Will other companies also buckle under the weight of these expensive network fees? It’s certainly an incident to follow.

While it is vital to consider operational costs, especially in business, the consequences on the community’s side cannot be overlooked. We’re left wondering: Is there room for negotiation between Twitch and the Korean networks? Could this reshape how digital businesses view international operations?


Source: TechCrunch

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