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Robotics Q&A with UC Berkeley’s Ken Goldberg


  • A TechCrunch article features an enlightening interview with Ken Goldberg, a Professor at UC Berkeley, who is renowned for his specific work in robotics.
  • Goldberg shares his insights on the present and future of robotics, how it’s impacting various sectors, and the role academia plays in its evolution.
  • He discusses the key challenges in robotics including development of tactile sensing and manipulation capabilities, and the limitations of artificial intelligence.
  • The interview touches upon the ethical aspects of robotic automation as well as potential employment implications.
  • Goldberg believes that despite AI advancements, the “wisdom of human touch” is irreplaceable.


In a captivating Q&A conducted by TechCrunch with UC Berkeley’s Ken Goldberg, the adept professor reveals his thoughts on the fascinating world of robotics. With a career deeply immersed in robotics research, Goldberg provides an insider’s perspective on the new developments, current challenges, and speculation of the sector’s future.

Goldberg points out that despite the remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), humans are light years ahead in terms of tactile sensing and manipulation. Mentioning the ‘dexterity divide’, he states that creating robots with such capability is a deep challenge confronting the industry.

On a more philosophical note, he delves into the interplay between robotics and society. Discussing the ethical and employment dimensions of increased automation, he reminds us of the lingering implications of widespread robotic adoption.

Reminding the tech world that even apocalyptic AI cannot duplicate human touch’s wisdom, Goldberg calls for a future where technology and human intellection coexist harmoniously.

Personal Opinions

Goldberg’s profound thoughts provide, like always, a measure of sobriety in an otherwise hyped-up sector. The challenges laid out by him remind us that while AI and robotics have come a long way, the road ahead is still long.

Moreover, his emphasis on the irreplaceability of the human touch delivers a timely message in an era when tech giants are feverishly pushing the boundaries of AI.

To me, Goldberg’s words are a reminder that while we should strive to develop automation abilities, we should never take our human advantages for granted. But what do you, my tech-savvy readers, think? Is the ‘wisdom of the human touch’ truly irreplaceable, or can robots eventually learn to duplicate our sensual understanding of the world around us?


Source: TechCrunch

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