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AI Upscaled Star Trek: A Surprisingly Pleasant Viewing Experience


– The article looks at how the vintage show Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (DS9) has been upscaled through Artificial Intelligence (AI).
– The project of upscaling was taken up by a fan rather than a professional, giving it a unique edge.
– The results have drastically enhanced the viewing experience for fans.
– Rather than terming it terrible like some of the past attempts, the author believes it is a considerable advancement.


A tech enthusiast and Star Trek fan decided to upscale Star Trek: Deep Space Nine using AI. They sought to rectify years of low definition viewing by implementing modern technology into the show’s remastering.

The result is honestly quite impressive. The unique Star Trek aesthetic is preserved in a higher resolution that brings out the beauty of the show’s characteristic art design, which was previously lost in low-quality broadcasts.

What’s more, unlike official studio remasters, the DS9 project has apparently gone a step further, introducing AI elements to improve the footage. This accounts not only for increased resolution but also for enhanced textures, lighting, and overall atmosphere, bringing Star Trek’s vibrant universe to life in a way that’s never been witnessed.

According to the author, the entire process might be heavily criticized by purists, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that it’s a remarkable feat of tech and fan dedication.

Personal Opinions

I wholeheartedly congratulate the fan whose dedication led to the remarkable upscale of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine using AI. This nifty piece of AI usage points to the immense potential that modern technology holds for media remastering and other entertainment fronts.

While some might balk at the ‘artificial’ makeover and claim that it tarnishes the authentic vintage Star Trek feel, I believe this process breathed new life into an older series. This AI-induced transformation serves as an exciting precursor for what could be achieved in the space of video production and content upscaling in the future. So, am I the only one super excited for what’s to come in AI entertainment? What’s your take on it?


Source: TechCrunch

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